By Jan Oberg

I shot this simple video out of the window on December 13, 2016. I wonder about Aleppo and say #keepfocusonaleppo

© Jan Oberg 2016

Here in the Sheikh Najjar Industrial City outside Aleppo lived and worked 40,000 people. It had 50% of Syria’s industrial capacity.

Today – after the occupation by Western-backed militants and terrorist groups – this is what is left.

I wonder why the Syrian government did not destroy this industrial city between 2000 and 2012. We are told that all this destruction is caused only by that side and the dictator kills his own.

I wonder where the terrorists used the weapons and spent the money they got from NATO countries – Turkey in particular – Saudi and Qatar since they did not do any of this destruction here – according to Western media and the White Helmet reporters and a series of humanitarian organisations.

I also wonder where the Western left is? Solidarity with the workers who lived here?

No many among them defend this and want to arm this or that group even more.

The more I study, the more I wonder.

And something doesn’t seem right.

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  1. This is it. Nobody can understand who is killing whom and who supports whom. One thing is clear, thousands die or flee and die, and no one can explain in plain langage why and what for. The media tries, but at the end nobody knows what is going on , except people die. It is proof again ,that Homo Sapiens is the only animal among all mammals , that kills, just for the pleasure of killing. We did this since the begining of time. I wonder if this mayhem will ever stop.

  2. Mr Andersen
    You cannot make an omelette without breaking eggs. You cannot negotiate with fanatics. Fanatics has caused problems in Syria for the last 40 years and nothing will subdue them but weapons. Do you want a islamic state in Syria?
    The Syrian Government, The Russian Government, President Trump and obviously Mr Oberg understands this. The rest of the West should follow.

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