I wonder about Aleppo…

By Jan Oberg I shot this simple video out of the window on December 13, 2016. I wonder about Aleppo and say #keepfocusonaleppo https://www.facebook.com/janoberg.se/videos/10154246791826787/ © Jan Oberg 2016 Here in the Sheikh Najjar Industrial City outside Aleppo lived and worked 40,000 people. It had 50% of Syria's industrial capacity. Today - after the occupation by [...]

Just how grey are the White Helmets in Syria and their backers?

TFF PressInfo # 392Lund, Sweden, November 2, 2016 The Syrian Civil Defence - or White Helmets - are presented in the media as a genuine humanitarian organisation saving lives in Syria. Nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize and soon to receive the Right Livelihood Award in Stockholm. Supported in a short time by NATO governments [...]