Just how grey are the White Helmets in Syria and their backers?

TFF PressInfo # 392
Lund, Sweden, November 2, 2016

The Syrian Civil Defence – or White Helmets – are presented in the media as a genuine humanitarian organisation saving lives in Syria.

Nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize and soon to receive the Right Livelihood Award in Stockholm.

Supported in a short time by NATO governments such as the US, the UK, Denmark, the Netherlands and Germany with around US$ 100 million. They are said to be nearly 3000 “bakers, tailors, pharmacists, painters, carpenters, students and many more, the White Helmets are volunteers from all walks of life.”

They spend millions on super slick websites, on photos that touch the heart on media strategy and outreach for their good activities.

Omran – image from the White Helmets’ homepage that went all over the world…

Does it sound just a bit too good to be true? Or, to be the whole truth?

Could it be that the White Helmets is a dual-purpose organisation?

Why else is the – opaque – network under the White Helmets murky intelligence, mercenary, oil interests, “people power” NGOs, smart marketing?

Why as a humanitarian NGO do they advocate a No Fly Zone over Syria?

Why do they run media campaigns that are very clearly anti-Assad (pro regime change), anti-Russia and anti-UN?

Why don’t they say a word about terrorists, ISIS etc or the interventionist policies, arms trade and bombings since 2011 by everybody else in Iraq and Syria?

To help you understand this better, TFF has been digging a bit and found interesting stuff, a cobweb of actors that makes those helmets less pure, less white.

All open sources that media and others can make use of. If interested.

Interesting too?  I wonder about Aleppo...

When you click below you’ll find a diversity of facts and all the relevant links to both pro and contra the White Helmets.

We do not claim to know the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

But this much we know: that something really does not feel right here. 

Judge for yourself. Begin here!

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  1. […] and deceit in the war on Syria. For detailed information see Jan Oberg’s extensive article “Just How Grey are the White Helmets and Their Backers?“. See also the video “The White Helmets – Al Qaeda with a Facelift“. […]

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