Will Ukraine hold referendum on NATO membership?

Commenting on news that President Poroshenko intends to hold a referendum on NATO membership for Ukraine now he feels sure that a majority of the Ukrainians want that.

However, if you look up the poll from November 2016 you’ll find that it was made by a Ukrainian research institute “on behalf of the US-based International Republican Institute, IRI.”

Read more about IRI on its homepage – and you’ll find that it is highly political and promotes U.S. democracy everywhere and has an international advisory council where, among other, Vitaliy Volodymyrovych Klitschko – the famous Ukrainian boxer and Kiev’s mayor – is a member. He is very close to the President and, for a period, headed the Poroshenko Bloc.

The IRI is financed by, among others, NED – The National Endowment for Democracy – that is believed to be partly financed by CIA and by USAID that is known to promote US interests.

Senator John McCain is chairman of IRI’s board of directors and is seen on this link presenting Speaker Boehner with the IRI Freedom Award for having spoken up against the Russian “aggression” in Ukraine.

One would be surprised if this institute would not help produce an opinion poll that proves that in a few years the pro-NATO attitudes in Ukraine has increased enormously – as reported by The Telegraph.

“”Four years ago, only 16 percent (of the Ukrainian people) favoured Ukraine’s entry into Nato. Now it’s 54 percent,” he (Poroshenko) said. “As president, I am guided by the views of my people, and I will hold a referendum on the issue of Nato membership.”Indeed an impressive growth…

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  1. that – the information about Ukraine and the Nato pollen- was a very useful set of informations. It becomes still more difficult to find your way through the faked waves of informations. Thanks. Fin

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