🗝 Welcome to my home – articles, photos, WriteBites, WorldMoires, and more.

I’m an internationally experienced and truly independent peace and future researcher and an art photographer – a columnist, commentator and mediator doing diagnosis, prognosis and proposing solutions.

I arrived to Aarhus in Denmark in 1951, live in Lund in Sweden since 1971 and am a global citizen. I created this online home in 2008, and there are posts in Danish, Swedish and English – 840 in spring 2023.

Sometimes I invite guest writers. Also, I care about the aesthetics and navigability of all my online homes and created this ‘minimalist’ design in November 2021.

This is another backgrounder.

I write for you and me with both heart and brain but not for clicks, money or fame. I believe that the experience of so far 70 years on this earth, 45 of which in academic and practical work for the UN Charter norm that “peace shall be established by peaceful means” plus some accumulated knowledge in a number of areas may help produce something of value to my readers.

Many ask why I haven’t published a book since 2004.

I want my writings to last longer and be freely available to anyone around the world. Books of paper sent around the world from, say, Amazon is incompatible with my ecological responsibility and I also only read books I already own and buy only ebooks. Printed books have a shorter and shorter real lifetime.

Furthermore, academic publishing houses pay authors nothing or an insultingly low fee; they steal the copyright and subsequently harvest the profits from outragously expensive volumes that only institutional libraries can afford, but hardly the students.

Finally, this personal blog, that of TFF – The Transnational Foundation for Peace & Future Research and that of Oberg PhotoGraphics have many times more visitors in a week than the print run of any book by me would have over years.

This home offers a background to me. It supplements what I do as co-founder and director of TFF – The Transnational Foundation for Peace & Future Research as well as my art photographic work at Oberg PhotoGraphics. And there is more background in my “Worldmoires” that I’m writing these years. And here.

To me dialogue, diversity and nonviolent alternatives are existential – and fundamental to any society’s intellectual, material and moral development. Without them, how would we define civilisation?

The mechanisms of development and maturation may differ from culture to culture but it is universally true – as German lawyer, Otto Gritschneder (1914-2005) stated – that He who sleeps in a democracy risks waking up in a dictatorship.” I cannot sleep. And fortunately, democracy comes in many shapes. The Western model isn’t the only one.

I’m writing in the last minutes to midnight and keep planting seeds for diagnoses, prognoses and solutions. A new and better future is still possible. Of that, I am convinced. Or, I wouldn’t be here.

And now I invite you to browse, reflect, comment, subscribe, share and write to me but – above all – to take action for a better future.

2008 – November 28, 2021


Welcome to my official personal home. I'm a peace researcher and art photographer.

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  1. Til din orientering har jeg også fået dette læserbrev https://arbejderen.dk/debat/krigsnation-hvad-har-det-officielle-danmark-laert-intet/ optaget i Kristeligt Dagblad og Ekstrabladet. Det er bemærkelsesværdigt, at disse medier sammen med Nordjyske Stiftstidende ofte bringer mine indlæg, som er uden for US, Natos, EUs fastsatte medieramme, og som de øvrige hovedstrømsmedier aldrig finder plads til.
    Og Tak for TFFs enestående indsats for freden og venskab mellem folkene.
    Måske bliver der mulighed for, at Oberg Photo Graphics snart kan lave en “Humans in liberated Afghanistan” svarende til den fremragende i Aleppo 2016?

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