In early June I was asked by Russia Today – RT – to do a half-hour conversation about militarism and peace. The only questions that were planned in advance were about the changes in Sweden’s foreign and security policy over the years which I had writen about in TFF PressInfo – here in English and here in Swedish.

So it was a free discussion, unedited and nothing cut out.

RT is a large global news channel competing with CNN, AlJazeera and BBC. They claim to have about 650 million viewers; of, the specific program I was on, World’s Apart, doesn’t have that many.

I can’t recall that I have received so many reactions from any media work I have done. It’s encouraging that the advocacy of peace by peaceful means – and my frontal “attack” on the MIMAC – Military-Industrial-Media-Academic Complex (implicitly of course Russia’s too) got so much exclusively positive reactions.


Here is the interview. A month later an additional 35,000 people had seen it on YouTube. Please, share if you like it.

Interesting too?  Vi Ses Hos Clement og på Russia Today


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