This blog’s new format from mid-July 2014

From today July 17, 2014 this blog changes from an exclusively Danish-Swedish language blog to also contain comments and articles in English.

I’ve found it useful also to link it to my social media so that those of you who are not on, say, Facebook, can anyhow see what I think and write about international (and other) affairs.

© Jan Oberg 2014
© Jan Oberg 2014

In this way I feel that the blog which is also my official homepage (see more under “I & This Blog”) becomes more inclusive – without excluding those who have come here for the Nordic comments. They will continue to be posted here.

These changes take effect on a day of tragedy – July 17, 2014.

Today a Malaysian Airlines passenger plane crashed on Eastern Ukrainian territory and hours later Israel launched its ground invasion of Gaza.

That only reminds us of how needed the perspectives of peace and non-violence are. They are embedded in the UN Charter’s Article 1 which states that peace shall be established by peaceful means.

We must stuggle on to achieve that wisdom in the real world.

Interesting too?  Vi skulle have gjort noget af dette istedet for krig...


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