New blog about peace researcher Håkan Wiberg (1942-2010)

Håkan Wiberg was one of my mentors in peace studies and a friend over almost 40 years – and dearly missed today. He was an Associate of TFF from 1985 to his death in 2010.

A few of the many to whom Håkan meant a lot have decided to create a blog to preserve the memory of this giant – in more than one sense – who was our dear friend and colleague. It contains background, a total list of his works – about 700 – photos and articles written to and for him by people around the world – my own contribution to be joined as soon as I can.

Håkan Wiberg 2004 © Jan Oberg
Håkan Wiberg 2004 © Jan Oberg

Håkan didn’t speak much about himself or his life commitment to peace. It wouldn’t have been him. However, when you put it all together it is deeply impressing – and we hope that this blog will reflect that greatness to some extent.

The idea and purpose is spelled out on the front page of the blog. It is also an open blog in the sense that we are looking for friends and colleagues around the world who might want to write something him and/his research.

Welcome to Håkan Wiberg 1942 – 2010



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