Provocative NATO undermines the security of the Nordic region

I’m glad to announce that China’s Global Times published my analysis of Finland’s and Sweden’s decision to join NATO on May 27, 2023.

I give a brief background to the now historical – and special – security policies of the Nordic countries that have served everybody quite well for decades if not centuries.

Then I present 11 most likely consequences of the two countries’ membership – for themselves, for the Nordic region and beyond.

Please read it now.

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  1. Your analysis is realistic, true and very sad. It hard to see any rationale behind, any human recognizable consciousness, except the wellknown businessmodel used by MIMAC and the bank/financial complex behind it.

  2. True, I agree … not only obsolete and dangerous, but a “stillborn child” from the very beginning – and since WW2/cold war responsible for killing of millions as a consequence of creating conflicts and war since it´s foundation – basically US´s extended warmachine from the very start.


    “The rest” is just “vassals or enimies” – or as Victoria Nuland so eloquently expressed it during a recorded phoneconversation : ” F*** the EU !… ” ( … and all the rest, except “the empire” – implicitly ) – or in US´s own terminology since 2001 : an international terrororganization


    According to a study from US congress itself : 251 millitary operations outside US´s own territory since 1991.

    ( https:// ) +


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