SIPRI – Stockholm International Peace Research Institute – is now SIMSI

SIPRI – Stockholm International Peace Research Institute – no longer works with peace in any sense of the word. SIPRI is now SIMSI – Stockholm International Military Security Institute.

Just browse its program for the 2021 Stockholm Security Conference – not one session devoted to peace, conflict analysis and resolution, reconciliation, future global peace structures, world order change, conversion of military resources to civilian, disarmament, nonviolence or anti-militarism. Not one speech focusing on any new way of thinking or, say, alternative defence or common security.

This sneaky change has become possible – or necessary – thanks to being financed by mainly NATO and NATO-loyal governments – such as Sweden – and to the mainstreaming of this once incredibly important institute by lesser – but more politically correct and better power connected – minds.

I pointed out this change 5 years ago here – of course to no avail and no response from thousands of media people who saw it as a TFF PressInfo.

Oh, two more indicators of this change: It now calls itself “The independent resource on global security” – my italics – and invited a major non-convicted war criminal by the name of Madeleine Albright to give its 2021 SIPRI Lecture.

In the perspective of true peace: Shameful beyond words, Sweden!

Det ville glæde mig hvis du vil støtte mig som aktiv forsker og debattør i en tid hvor mange enten er blevet helt magtkonforme eller holder kæft. Det er både let og sikkert. Tak!


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