Middle Eastern refugees at EU-Poland’s border pay the inhuman price for EU’s kakistocracy and EU/NATO militarism

Judged from his Wikipedia entry, Poland’s Prime Minister, Mateusz Morawiecki, seems to be a well-educated man. History is of course full of well-educated people who have done bad things but after the last two days, one must anyhow ask: Why does he want to make himself a kakistocratic embarrassment to the entire EU – kakistocracy meaning “government by the least qualified or most unprincipled citizens”?

Secondly, why does the EU itself support him?

And, third, how ought the EU react to his behaviour – that is, if it had any principles?

Here is the short background: This refugee crisis dates back to August this year. Asylum seekers from basically Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria continue to seek asylum/protection in the EU. What is never pointed out in the media is the fact that the overwhelming majority of them has run away from the living hell created by the US and NATO/EU countries by their interventions, occupations and mass killings – country-destruction – the last 20 years throughout the Middle East.

As should be common knowledge by now, the US-led Global War On Terror, has displaced between 38 and 50 million people throughout the Middle East, according to Brown University’s Cost of War Project. A series of EU countries have participated and are therefore highly co-responsible for these asylum seekers. And indisputably morally responsible for helping them.

EU leaders now state that Belarus’ president, Lukashenko, has organised that these people came to Belarus and then sent them to the border with EU-Poland to create troubles for the Union – as part of an ongoing conflict with the EU which supports the Belarussian opposition at all costs and has imposed sanctions on Belarus and decided that it sees Russian president Putin behind Lukashenko in everything he does.

Euronews writes: “Ursula von der Leyen has described the influx of migrants on Belarus’ eastern borders with EU countries as a “hybrid attack” by an authoritarian regime on its neighbours.

Speaking after meeting US President Joe Biden in Washington, the European Commission president vowed to “protect democracies” and said the two leaders shared a common assessment of the situation.

The EU has accused Belarus of organising the transport of people from Middle Eastern countries, duping them into believing they can enter Europe, as part of a campaign to create instability with a new wave of mass migration to the bloc.

“This is a hybrid attack. Not a migration crisis,” the Commission chief said on Twitter.”

Whether true or not, it has to be pointed out that – incredibly – von der Leyen does not bother to deliver one piece of evidence.

Neither did the EU migration commissioner, Sweden’s Ylva Johansson in late August. She calls Belarus’ behaviour “aggression”:

Further, on October 24, 2021, she writes a diatribe on Belarus and Lukashenko at the official EU homepage: “A violent and illegitimate regime. And one that is profiting by luring people to Minsk and then condemning them to freeze in border forests…The world needs to understand better the lawlessness of this regime. It needs to understand the oddness of Lukashenko the person and the desperation of a regime in its death throes…”

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And Ylva Johansson too – of course, one might say – delivers no documentation. It’s a political accusation, nothing more. She also does not dwell at an important detail – namely that Poland receives (EU politically correct) opposition members from Belarus but not war-stricken, politically-incorrect people.

It’s reasonable to ask: What do the intelligence services of EU countries do if they don’t collect documentation on the basis of which politicians can make statements and shape policies?

Until hard evidence of Lukashenko’s and Putin’s “hybrid war” – we have heard this term before and she is the former defence minister of Germany – is delivered it should be concluded that von der Leyen and Ylva Johansson use a fake political argument. That they lie. And that they must know that they do.

No less shocking is EU-Poland’s two prime minister statements – here is Euronews again:

“Poland’s prime minister accused Belarus of “state terrorism” over its role in the influx of migrants gathered at the border. Mateusz Morawiecki made the comments during a joint news conference with European Council President Charles Michel in Warsaw.

He also claimed that Lukashenko was acting out of “discreet vengeance” in response to Polish support for the opposition in Belarus. A day earlier, Morawiecki accused Vladimir Putin of orchestrating the migrant influx.”

So Belarus does state terrorism – an obvious nonsensical use of that concept. And Russian President Putin is conducting warfare against the EU by means of refugees.

Again no evidence whatsoever. The media quote prime minister Morawiecki but no journalist ask the simple source-investigating question: How do you know?

It seems to me that this whole accusation industry is yet another example of the West’s psycho-political projection of its own dark sides unto the other side. That is, the EU leaders know at least sub-consciously that the refugee problem – also the one in 2015 – is fundamentally their own construction and now they have to run away from any legal and moral responsibility.

Heart-breaking in more than one sense – and what if they were Jews?

Thousands of innocent people come to Europe as victims of wars fought by the US and European NATO and EU countries in total violation of international law, the UN Charter and all decency – selfish wars by the US on Afghanistan in “response” to 9/11, on Iraq with the fake argument that Saddam had weapons of mass destruction and on Syria as a predominantly internationally organised and well-planned international regime change war against Bashar al-Assad with elements of the weaponised opposition to his rule and the Syrian government policies.

Does anybody make the connection: First interventionist wars – then asylum seeker flows?

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No! US and European militarism as the root cause of the ‘boomeranging’ refugee flows is the thing you must never mention!

Is there a single EU/NATO leader who shows compassion and says: Of course, we can take care of a few thousand innocent, ‘damned of the earth’ when they have lost everything back home and we are 400+ million people in the EU at a much higher level of welfare. Of course, we can show that Europe stands for humanist values and that we mean it when we talk about European values! If we find Lukashenko’s policies cynical, we are going to show that we are different here in the EU.

The answer is No. Not one.

If there is no sense of responsibility for the consequences of EU/NATO warfare and no humanism left when it is most needed in today’s Europe – as there also wasn’t in autumn 2015 – the EU is digging its own grave.

An intellectual dwarf such as the Danish foreign minister, Jeppe Kofod, even declares Denmark’s full support of Poland’s shocking policies (and this is not the only type of shocking policy by that extremist, xenophobic right-wing government) and offers to send Danish soldiers to help along Poland’s border where Poland itself has already amassed at least 12 000 troops against a few thousand asylum seekers armed with their belongings, and perhaps a pair of pincers.

Just how mean and inhuman will the EU get?

Just how kakistocratic?

And just how racist? Yes, how racist – how Islamophobic? Because: If these innocent victims had been Jews, no one would have dared treat them this way, keep them out and let them die in the ice-cold November night.

Jeg er taknemmelig for enhver lille støtte til mine artikler hér i en tid hvor mange er blevet politisk korrekte og derfor intetsigende eller helt holder kæft – f.eks. om en sag som ovenstående. Tak.

I appreciate any little support here for my writings in a time when many have become politically correct and therefore say nothing of interest or keep completely silent – for instance about a significant event like the above-mentioned. Many thanks!


• Here is CNN’s report from the border from Nov 11, 2021, the day after the above article was published.

• Also, the mention of Ylva Johansson has been added on November 11.

• According to Russia Today of November 11, 2021, Vladimir Putin and Angela Merkel have talked twice about this conflict. It seems to me that Putin’s proposal is reasonable and that the EU cannot possible do now what he suggests.

• Here Aljazeera’s take on the conflict from November 12 – in which it’s also stated that Belarusian airline stops flying Middle East citizens from Turkey.


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