EU lawmakers raise alarm on China’s efforts to ‘interfere in European democracies’

The South China Morning Post that I read every day today carried the headline above. Please read it and watch the videos embedded so you better understand what I say below – which is basically what I wrote as a comment under the article.

I believe all countries try in various ways to influence other countries’ perception of themselves – to make it as positive as possible.  For hundreds of years, the Western world has “sold” its values, politics, culture etc. – particularly since 1945 – to the rest of the world with both the Bible and the Sword in hand. I’d call that ‘interference.’

Here is perhaps the most detailed study (from two decades back) on how CIA influenced/s culture abroad in a broad sense: Frances Stonor Saunders, Who Pays the Piper, Oxford University

So, any – any! – analysis or argument in which Side A only looks at what Side B does but keeps quiet about Side A’s own activities, is meaningless, part of a propaganda effort or intellectually too poor to be bothered with. It takes two to tango…

This analysis may contain useful and truthful information but, regrettably, overlooks completely the US/NATO systematic and well-financed China Cold War Agenda, CCWA, that plays out all over the place these years.

It’s a bit like talking only about the other side’s armament pointing at “us” and – by omission – make it look like we on our side have no weapons at all. 

So the article tells one truth but far from the whole truth.

And perhaps one should have asked from the beginning: Why on earth do EU parliamentarians go to Taiwan to study these things? They are obviously on a political, provocative mission and not one of genuine fact-finding or dialogue. They are not the slightest interested in getting the stated problems solved with Beijing, the alleged culprit. Do they really believe that their trip to Taiwan will make China stop doing whatever it is doing?

Interesting too?  California Radio: NATO expansion, Ukraine and Sweden/Finland joining NATO

In summary, I look forward to an equally well-written analysis of what the US/NATO countries do to influence opinions and politics in China and perhaps elsewhere.

Until that appears I can only ask with deep regret: Has Western democracy really become this weak and unsure of itself?


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  1. It seems that “western democracies” (do they include Taiwan ?) and do all the European nations agree with the EU rules eg allowing refugees in?) do not follow international law including the one installing the PRC as China in the UN in the 1970s. The “Republic of China” as the present Taiwan leader still calls it was expelled from this role when it was obvious that the PRC was the winner of the 1949 war against Chiang Kai-chek, and the USA agreed to the One China Policy which is still in force.

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