And the anti-China accusation industry show must go on

October 29, 2021

A series of leading international news media reports that China has been told by 43 countries at the UN that its policies in Xinjiang are unacceptable. Here is the take of The South China Morning Post, SCMP, which is a very decent and well-edited daily made in Hong-Kong and moderately critical of Beijing:

And here is how Muslim-friendly Al Jazeera covers it:

Why is this interesting?

Well, the SCMP omits every mention of the larger number of UN members who supported China and did not support the basically US/Western condemnation of China.

AlJazeera’s headline is funny – because “More countries” refer to 43 UN members versus 62 – but, in all fairness, it does inform you about the 62 pro-China countries and also, in its article, tells you how this issue has developed over the years, namely that more and more are on the side of China.

None of them finds it interesting that the countries that shouted ‘genocide’ no longer use that word (no, I have not read the whole report, but the media do not refer to that term being used by the accusing countries – as they did just months ago, lead by departing US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo’s “determination” that it was a genocide.

I wrote the following comment at the SCMP:

“63 for and 43 against – check media and see how many omit the 63. This is of course – increasingly – a self-made defeat of the US/NATO/EU members.  The US which started out this affair by determining that what happens in Xinjiang is a ‘genocide’ – that was the term used – have never bothered to back that up with documentation. But Western mainstream media don’t check sources anymore. The only report, as far as I know, that meticulously goes through all the claims and displays how the accusation was made and by whom is that from the Transnational Foundation for Peace and Future Research, TFF, in Lund, Sweden. It shows that the documentation behind the accusation does not hold validity and is bad social science. You’d be surprised – or, perhaps not 🙂  My experience is that not one media person has responded to my sending this with a kind letter to many of those who have covered the issue. Dialogue is not wanted. And I have my hypotheses of why that is so.”

The report’s link cannot be reproduced at SCMP so here it is: “The Xinjiang Genocide Determination As Agenda.”

TFF’s other report is “Behind The Smokescreen: An Analysis of the West’s Destructive China Cold War Agenda And Why It Must Stop.”

I strongly recommend that you take a look and read their intros and summaries. Then you know how you are – constantly – being the object of Cold War propaganda.


It seems that the countries that voted in favour of the Western accusation resolution were: Albania Australia Austria elgium Belize Bosnia and Herzegovina Bulgaria Canada Croatia Czech Republic Denmark Estonia France Finland Germany Haiti Honduras Iceland Ireland Israel Italy Japan Latvia Liechtenstein Lithuania Luxembourg Marshall Islands Monaco Nauru Netherlands New Zealand Norway Palau Poland Portugal Romania San Marino Slovakia Slovenia Spain Sweden Switzerland United Kingdom United States.

You note how few, if any, Muslim countries there are here. Since the Uyghurs are Muslim, you’d expect the world’s Muslim countries lining up behind this condemnation of China. But not so – and they can hardly all have been bribed by China, can they? Secondly, I regret that both my native Denmark and Sweden that I live once again show that they have no research capacity or policy formulation independent of Big Brother in Washington.

The photo above is of modern Urumqi, Xinjiang


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