Oh yes, Russia’s invasion was “unprovoked”


Oh yes, Russia’s invasion was “unprovoked”? Well, you better listen!

Below, on May 11, 2022, Pentagon’s press secretary, John Kirby – proudly – tells you what the US did to arm and train Ukraine over the last 8 years! (From 7:00 min into the interview).

As time goes by, you’ll begin to understand how much you’ve been deceived. Lied to. By your politicians. By your maelstrom militarist media.

NATO should be held accountable for creating the conflict with its utterly “provoking” and promise-breaking expansion, Russia created the war.

Without the first, the other would not have happened.

And now the US get a further US$ 40 billion into Ukraine in military assistance so there will be NO peace agreement.

Additionally, US Special Forces have operated secretly for years in Ukraine – according to US media. Did you ever see that on the front pages of your media?

If anything, it now seems more and more obvious that the – international law-violating and morally dubious – Russian invasion was deliberately provoked.

And to cover that up, you have to militarise even further, arm Ukraine perversely, to expand NATO to Sweden and Finland, and blame everything on Russia in general and President Putin in particular.

We are probably living in pre-war times in Europe, if not the world. And it all happens because of NATO’s outdated ideas about “stability, security and peace.” None of it has been created since 1949.

Now scroll to 7:00 min into the conversation with Kirby:

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  1. A case of pure confession, allthough he apparently doesn´t realise what the consequenses are.

    He´s somehow blank – or brainwashed ( from Whitewashing-ton ? ) – and act more “suicidal stupid & immoral” than even the warcriminals during WWII.

    The interview gives a look inside the psychology behind working and associating with lies – either you have to hide secrets even to yourself, or you have to believe them to act “accordingly” with “the narrative”.

    I find it even more scary, that people doesn´t react – Milgrams experiments in memoriam.

  2. Naturligvis skal det gentages igen igen at NATO/USA har optrappet sit engagement i det tidligere Sovjet og dets interesseområde og dermed skabt baggrunden for den konflikt der førte til krig i Ukraine. Kun gennem en forståelse heraf vil der være mulighed for at skabe sikkerhed for Europa, der som bekendt inkludere Rusland. Europa uden Rusland har siden den konservative aristokrat Churchills jerntæppe tale været en dikkende lammehale i forhold til USA; dikkeriet formidlet institutionelt gennem NATO. Alene Rusland/Sovjet har kunnet hævde en vis afstand og selvstændighed i forhold til USA – lige fra dengang de sagde nej tak til Marshall hjælp.

    I Danmark gik det helt galt med Fjog Rasmussen og nu igen med Mette Frederiksen, der ikke har solgt Grønland til Trump/USA – bravo – men til gengæld sat Danmarks selvstændighed på udsalg og etableret Danmark i en position som aggressiv global med-imperiebygger. Den politik har truet Europas sikkerhed og nu ført til krig.

    Det tragiske og dybt komplicerede er, at de indre spændinger i USA tvinger USA til at finde en ydre fjende/krig for at sikre sig selv mod en vild eskalering af USA´s dybe sociale og racemæssige konflikter. Yderligere tragisk er det, at USA, der historisk set står som demokratiets vogter, underminerer netop dette demokrati gennem sine ekstreme polariserende politikker både sikkerpolitisk, militært, socialt og økonomisk. Måske skulle Europa lancere en ny new deal og gøre sig til center forward – igen – for holdet! Vi har måske lært nok af ulykkerne i vores sidste borgerkrig 1914-45; vi har set og følt et Europa i ruiner.

    Vi må for enhver pris undgå ekstrem eskalering af en krig i Europa for at opretholde USA´s hegemoni og afbalancerer USA´s indre konflikter. USA´s oligarkers angreb på USA´s demokratiske institutioner og deres underminering af forfatningens løfter om frihed, lighed og broderskab, må bringes til ophør af USA selv – men vi skal absolut hjælpe vores ven. Ikke ved at snakke “ham” efter munden, men ved klar kritisk tale. Vi skulle gerne have mere demokratisk kontrol over vores egne oligarker end det russiske folk har over deres.

  3. More lies from the USA.

    Ref. As case for war : US lies the 5. of february 2003 at the United Nations.

    On long sight I now believe the US foreign politics are about having control over and
    access to the Arctic Ocean and the Natural Raw materials of the Russian territory.

    The US/NATO provocated illegitime war in Ukraine involving Russia because of the
    russian protection of security rights due to atomic security balance.
    The USA invest billions of dollars in keeping the war running with cash and weapons
    and the Pentagon announced that the war could last for a long time.

    The western leaders US/NATO/EU talks of democracy but behave and act as populistic leaders.
    They use Covid and Ukraine “Momentum” and repression of the matter of facts by massmedia
    control and sanctions to thread politicians and the populations of the world.

    Of these reasons I can only recommend to sign petitions for peace and/or peacenegotiations
    and, to back-up the TFF: “A Nordic Initiative for Peace in Ukraine and Lasting World Peace”

    f. 1946. I am a danish pacifist and a belgian,french and german expat.

  4. I will even go so far to concider, that the intentions behind Natos might be a wish, by provoking Russia, to take a step towards a war with China, by the combination of land, sea & air millitary operations.

    If so, I know for sure that China, as well as Russia are allready aware of this.

    And then we´re back after “full circle” – Ukraine – it starts and ends here.

    And after that suicidal powerplay : UN-charter, #1 & Nato, # 1 : To maintain international peace and security, and to that end: to take effective collective measures for the prevention and removal of threats to the peace, and for the suppression of acts of aggression or other breaches of the peace, and to bring about by peaceful means, and in conformity with the principles of justice and international law, adjustment or settlement of international disputes or situations which might lead to a breach of the peace

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