The military game between NATO and Russia – it is dangerous and not in our name!

My interview with RT, Russia Today – This military build up is not in our name !!

While we speak there is a huge military exercise in Northern Norway – a NATO member, Joint Viking. There is NATO’s Atlantic Resolve in the Baltic region (see interesting maps on the link). There are smaller ones in Germany and one coming up in the Black Sea. Why all these NATO exercises right up to the border? What about Russia’s response? There seems to be about 10.000 Russian “forces” in Eastern Ukraine

What is the history that lead us here?

It is high time that the citizens of Europe get a chance to voice their opinion: Do you want war in Europe? I am tired of listening to all governments and militarists and never to the people. Do citizens have freedom of expression when it comes to war and peace?

If NATO is an alliance of and for democracies, I wonder how long time millions of taxpayers are forced to pay without having the slightest say, without ever being on media and criticise both parties and demand that their money be used more productively and for social welfare instead of this spiralling game towards war.

Interesting too?  Samr√•d om Forsvarets Efterretningstjeneste gav ingen svar om spionage mod Danmarks nabolande

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