I believe this is going to be an iconic image of something that will be a turning point in Europe and, likely too, the generalised West.

Press photo of the March in Paris on January 11, 2015
Press photo of the March in Paris on January 11, 2015

Is this the 9/11 moment for Europe?

Whether intended or not, the government leaders marching in Paris today will tomorrow begin a special ‘war on terror’ in Europe – clamping down on all of us, curtailing freedoms – including the freedom of speech – undermining democracy, survelling Europe’s citizens, etc – all in the name of fighting terrorism.

The only question they will not ask is: Why?

They will only ask: Who? What? and How to look tough now? How to step up counter-terrorism.

Yes, it could well be the 9/11 moment of Europe. That is, over-reacting, seeing it as an attact not on something concrete but on the whole West, thus responding out of proportion and do exactly what some terrorists would like to see: how quickly the democractic, free West can be turning its authoritatian mechanisms on.

We are, I predict, moving into very dark times in Europe – a Cold War with Russia that we could have avoided and counter-terrorism that will undermine everybody’s freedom and privacy. I can only hope that I shall be proved wrong…

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