Safe zones in Syria – very problematic

Commenting on PressTV after President Erdogan’s and Putin’s meeting on May 3, 2017

May 1: Where are the workers in the struggle for peace? Nowhere it seems!

What foreign policy if the US had no weapons?

Just a thought...

Iran on nuclear deal and nuclear-free Middle East

I had the pleasure and honour to comment on the Iranian defence minister's views on the nuclear deal, on a nuclear-free Middle East, terrorism and more.

Syria – two perspectives illustrated

"The Debate" of April 16, 2017 on Iran's PressTV between Richard Millett and myself is important to me. I think it will be for you too in the sense of clarifying two approaches and positions on Syria. Its focus is on the difference in media coverage of the terrible events in Khan Seykhoun and al-Rashideen…

The US/NATO confrontation with Russia is dangerous

TFF Live April 12, 2017 The secretaries of state, Tillerson and Lavrov meet today. We seem to enter a stage of what must appropriately be perceived as a frosty new Cold War. In the worst of cases this can lead to a new Cuban Missile Crisis. God forbid!

The Meaninglessness of War: Aleppo

Here my 6th photo series from Aleppo - hashtag #keepfocusonaleppo. 

Lund, Sweden - March 24, 2017

 Can the almost total destruction of Eastern Aleppo be used constructively? Only if we are willing to ask and dialogue about this: • Why does the world go on investing US$ 2000 billion annually in warfare and US$ 30…

Discussing NATO with a former U.S. Ass. Sec. of Defence

A 30 min debate about NATO, Ukraine, Crimea, Yugoslavia, Syria the eternal enemy images and the - obsolete - philosophy on which NATO builds. Time for something new, I argue in the debate with former U.S. Assistant Secretary of Defence under Reagon, Mr. Lawrence J. Korb who at the time was in command of 70%…

Faces of Aleppo

Fourth photo story from Aleppo: "Faces of Aleppo. Just out of 4,5 years of occupation hell" January 25, 2017 Unique photos from Eastern Aleppo in Syria when it was finally liberated on December 11-12, 2016. The people you see here have just come out to freedom from 4,5 years of the occupation by what can…

U.S. nuclear policies – two world views

Last night I had the opportunity to discuss nuclear weapons with an experienced,  high-ranking security analyst who has been both a military, a scholar, an assistant secretary of defence, presidential adviser, a corporate man and now a think tank member, Lawrence J. Korb. We were discussing the issues touched upon in this and this article. I would…

Turkey’s coup – Another example of the West’s disintegration

Here is my take on the July 15 coup in Turkey - why it happened the way it did and what is the least unlikely hypothesis - followed by some examples of regional and international consequences this coup is bound to have. And it ends: NATO comes across as a very tired alliance that should…

EU’s so-called refugee crisis – and what should and must be done

Commenting on PressTv on July 22, 2016 after yet another tragedy in the Mediterranean. But how much did the media cover that in comparison with the Nice tragedy - and Hollande's killing of 120 innocent civilians as revenge for Nice (which at the time was not known to have any connections to ISIS or similar).

The French eye-for-an-eye policy

See this 24 min documentary on Al-Jazeera. Here is an example of what it tells you: "Like 10,500 other French Muslims, Halim has a "Fiche S", or S-Card, attached to his police record. This designates him as a person "representing a threat to the security of the state". I wonder what long-term consequences this sort…

NATO’s confrontational policy

On June 15, 2016 I participated in a discussion with Mike O'Hanlon from the Brookings Institution on CCTV America - China's international TV station in the U.S. with up to 75 million viewers. The discussion was lead by Anand Naidoo. You can watch it here.

On Obama’s visit to Hiroshima – TFF PressInfo # 373

TFF PressInfo # 373: What Obama should do in Hiroshima tomorrow Articles by Jonathan Power & Richard Falk With an intro by Jan Oberg.

Nordiske ledere i Det Hvide Hus og dansk uvidenhedsjournalistik

Hvad får vi egentlig at vide om det nordiske topmøde i Washington? Svar: Andedamsjournalistik om middagen, salen, musikken, underholdningen og Lars Løkke Rasmussens morsomme (?) tale. Det er politik som et show - eller dække. Benovelsen over at blive modtaget med pomp og pragt i Washington er til at tage og føle på. Og sådan…

If the EU becomes a criminal Union some don’t want you to know

For instance EU and other Western mainstream media. But we are getting out! The European Union is about to sign an agreement with non-EU Turkey to get rid of a large part of its refugees - by paying around € 6 bn to Turkey. Amnesty International and many others have pointed out - in strong…

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