E.U. Seeks U.N. Backing for Military Action to Stop Wave of Migrants Fleeing Horrific Abuse in Libya | Democracy Now!
I’ve been around for a long time but I can still get both surprised and angry when I see things like this and try to connect the dots:

1) NATO bombs the hell out of Libya and kills its head of state and many others.
2) Predictably the country falls apart – chaos and cruelty follow.
3) Then refugees – not “migrants”, Democracy Now! – flee and traffickers profit.
4) Now more money and more warfare to “solve” the problem.
5) They don’t even seem to see that this proposal would put refugees at the firing line between EU military/police and armed traffickers.

Excuse me but what about learning just one little thing: War and “humanitarian” intervention only and repeatedly make things worse!
What about arresting all arms traffickers – then you would have less problems with human traffickers.
But the only thing these EU Nobel Peace Prize winners will never dare to do is to challenge and change their own perverse militarism.

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