Will Ukraine hold referendum on NATO membership?

Commenting on news that President Poroshenko intends to hold a referendum on NATO membership for Ukraine now he feels sure that a majority of the Ukrainians want that.

However, if you look up the poll from November 2016 you’ll find that it was made by a Ukrainian research institute “on behalf of the US-based International Republican Institute, IRI.”

Read more about IRI on its homepage – and you’ll find that it is highly political and promotes U.S. democracy everywhere and has an international advisory council where, among other, Vitaliy Volodymyrovych Klitschko – the famous Ukrainian boxer and Kiev’s mayor – is a member. He is very close to the President and, for a period, headed the Poroshenko Bloc.

The IRI is financed by, among others, NED – The National Endowment for Democracy – that is believed to be partly financed by CIA and by USAID that is known to promote US interests.

Senator John McCain is chairman of IRI’s board of directors and is seen on this link presenting Speaker Boehner with the IRI Freedom Award for having spoken up against the Russian “aggression” in Ukraine.

One would be surprised if this institute would not help produce an opinion poll that proves that in a few years the pro-NATO attitudes in Ukraine has increased enormously – as reported by The Telegraph.

“”Four years ago, only 16 percent (of the Ukrainian people) favoured Ukraine’s entry into Nato. Now it’s 54 percent,” he (Poroshenko) said. “As president, I am guided by the views of my people, and I will hold a referendum on the issue of Nato membership.”Indeed an impressive growth…

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On Trump endorsing torture

Human rights is not my field but we have to speak up against Trump’s personal endorsement of it. This is nothing new, the US has used it all the time.

But isn’t it tragic that almost 70 years after torture was prohibited in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, we see 141 countries still using torture – according to Amnesty International.

Here my short comment on Iran’s PressTV



DRs og FEs trusselsbillede

Vejledning og forbehold

Denne artikel tager udgangspunkt i to artikler på Danmarks Radios hjemmeside dr.dk. De er spontant valgte og naturligvis er der andre artikler, der er udtryk for mere vellykket nyhedsjournalistik.

Alligevel føler jeg som daglig læser af public service-mediet at de er nok så repræsentative for det, der produceres vedrørende den påståede russiske trussel – herunder stærkt selektiv udvælgelse af materialer og ekspertise, indforstået militær-civil elitetænkning, meget begrænset research og en påfaldende mængde af udeladelser af relevant information, der måtte være nødvendig for alsidig folkeoplysning og lødig opinionsdannelse.


Den, der vil læse nedenstående som omhandlende kun disse to artikler og vil se dem som “smuttere,” er lige så velkomne at gøre dét som dem, der anser at der er tale om eksempler på symptomer på en subjektivt meningsdannende journalistik, som er nok så bekymringsvækkende for såvel folkeoplysning som opinionsdannelse.

For vi vil jo ikke have at fake-believe begynder at erstatte nyhedsjournalistikken.

Den nye russiske cyber trussel

EU tager kampen op mod Ruslands falske nyheder – fortæller DR online i en artikel forfattet af Maya Nissen. Der lægges til at “Russisk indblanding kan komme til at skabe yderligere ustabilitet i Europa – og det er netop formålet, fortæller DR’s EU-korrespondent.”

Indledningsvis kan man lige notere at Continue reading

On the Syria ceasefire talks in Astana

There are strong reasons to be sceptical; there has been no interest in peaceful solutions to Syria’s problems since the violence broke out in 2011.

Hard to see what a trilateral monitoring can do without a UN or similar presence on the ground. What if you monitor a ceasefire violation and can do nothing about it?

That said, this is a new constellation with Russia, Iran and Turkey as guarantors and the RIOTs – Rebels-Insurgency-Opposition-Terrorist – have lost Eastern Aleppo.

A courageous US politician in Syria

May I alert you to what Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard (D) has to say after her visit – with former peace presidential candidate, Dennis Kucinich (D) – to Damascus and Aleppo.

In six minutes she says what must be said and fends off CNN’s mean attempt to frame her instead of listening to what she says.

This is the TFF PressInfo I wrote about with this – game-changing – interview with her.



Faces of Aleppo

Fourth photo story from Aleppo: “Faces of Aleppo. Just out of 4,5 years of occupation hell”

January 25, 2017

Unique photos from Eastern Aleppo in Syria when it was finally liberated on December 11-12, 2016.

The people you see here have just come out to freedom from 4,5 years of the occupation by what can be called RIOTs – Rebels-Insurgents-Opposition-Terrorists – mostly the latter.

And most of them with some kind of support by NATO countries.

Western media, politics and humanitarian organisations focus on the victims from Eastern Aleppo who left to RIOT territories elsewhere, such as Idlib, after the liberation – family members and supporters of the occupiers.

That’s not the whole truth about Aleppo.

They conveniently ignore the thousands of other Aleppians: Those who were happy beyond words to see all of Aleppo back under the control of the Syrian government.


Man from Eastern Aleppo in the Jibrin Reception Center – relieved, smoking and getting a little food. In freedom © Jan Oberg 2016 

These are the people in this photo story. They are among the 13 million Syrians who, according to the UN in Syria, are in need of humanitarian assistance – thanks to U.S. – non-UN – sanctions since 1979 and thanks to the war since 2011.

They too need and deserve the world’s attention and help.All of them and not just the politically chosen few.

Until the immense historical significance of the liberation of Aleppo is understood much better by many more and the biased Western media coverage has changed we will continue to highlight important but hidden dimensions of the conflicts in Syria.

Because peace will be impossible within the present dominant Western narrative and discourse.

And given the incomprehensible suffering of the Syrian people and the destruction of their society since 2011 possibilities for peace – rather than war – should occupy anyone with a human heart.

If you agree, please use the hashtag: #keepfocusonaleppo

* * *

If we do not care about the single individual, can we care about humanity?

My other stories have had quite a lot of texts. You may check them out to get the background and situation.

Here I just want you to see and reflect on how the Allepians I met expressed happiness, despair, hope, kindness but also anger at one and the same time. Pictures can say much more than words, particularly when we contemplate mindfully on what there is to see in every and each face of these victims of what is often called high politics – which often implies low morality.

So, please don’t rush. See and empathize.

© Jan Oberg 2017. Under no circumstance may the photos in this series be reprinted, reproduced or otherwise used without my prior consent.



US deploys Marines to Norway

Perhaps not such a wise thing to do?