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Establish an International Tribunal or Commission on the International War In Syria

It’s time – long ago – to establish an International Tribunal/Commission on the Entire International War In Syria. Jan Oberg Comment You should be sick and tired of blame game around selected events and misuse of international law in Syria. I am! Process instead the entire war and give justice and reconciliation to the Syrian people who have suffered incredibly. […]

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Why is the UN still so important – while it must also be reformed?

Why is the UN still so important – in spite of having had its Charter violated repeatedly during the last 25 years? Why should we not – cynically – side with the cynical and powerful countries that want to undermine and marginalise the world’s finest organisation with the most Gandhian-like document ever signed by governments? What is the real UN and what does its Charter really say? Here I try to cover some of the answers in this 6 min video produced as Facebook Live on October 24, 2017.

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