MS – Markedsf√łrt Sandhed og Syrien? Med till√¶g om en god dialog

Introduktion tilf√łjet den 7. februar 2017 Som det fremg√•r i en kommentar under denne artikel blev b√•de MS' forkvinde, Helle Munk Ravnborg og generalsekret√¶r, Tim Whyte, kede af min udl√¶gning omkring MS "markedsf√łring" og holdning til Syrien. Naturligt nok. Mit indl√¶g var skarpt formuleret - der skal af og til sparkes i l√łgsovsen ogs√• for den gode [...]

At lifting most of the sanctions on Iran

Congratulations to Iran - people, leadership and brilliant negotiation team under the leadership of foreign minister Javad Zarif.But then I criticise that the US Treasury imposed new sanctions the day after - on Sunday January 17 - and I argue that it is a sign of weakness and that the friends of the U.S. should [...]

If so, let the U.S. isolate itself

Iran says nuclear deal depends on lifting of sanctions | Reuters This is a timely reminder to those who believe the Iran nuclear deal can be reduced to and hinges upon the deal between Congress and Obama. Says Iranian President Rouhani: "We are in talks with the major powers and not with the Congress," Rouhani [...]

Iran nuclear deal – a road to peace

Jan Oberg commenting on Iranian President Rouhani: "Tehran abides by commitments, if P5 1 fulfills promises" - YouTube/PressTV In spite of the deal's negative sides, Iran has chosen peace to the benefit of the world. In that perspective it is much more than a nuclear deal, it's - potentially - a road to peace.