Danmark fejlbomber i Syrien – og hvad skal vi s√• sp√łrge om, tro og l√¶re?

Hvor er den officielle danske beklagelse og undskyldning til ofrene? Det v√•gne, skadereducerende diplomati lige nu? Er p√•standen om at det blot var en fejltagelse den mest bekvemme? Har Pentagon ladet Danmark udf√łre et beskidt arbejde uden at vore piloter vidste det? Hvor stor er splittelsen i den amerikanske udenrigsadministration og var det m√•ske derfor ikke [...]

US-led coalition has neither a political nor an exit strategy

US-led coalition hits targets in Syria's Homs province - YouTubeShort conversation with me about why I predict that the US-led bombing of ISIS structures will turn out to be an intellectual and moral disaster and that the Obama administration has neither a politico-military nor an exit strategy.

‚Ėļ ‚Ėļ TFF PressInfo 280: Danish F16s to fight ISIS

By Jan Oberg TFF PressInfo 280: Danish F16s to fight ISIS: Danish government more loyal with the U.S. than with its own citizens - A tragedy for Denmark and for everyone who believes peace is better than war…The link to the article

Wow, Hillary Clinton as moral philosopher

Responsibility for wars and killing A number of Western/NATO politicians ‚Äď Hillary Clinton foremost among them ‚Äď and media people have recently introduced a new ethical principle in international affairs: When A delivers weapons to B, A is responsible for what B does with these weapons. The former Secretary of State and perhaps future U.S. [...]

‚ėģ ‚ėģ Where Is The Passion for Peace? Yes,

‚ėģ ‚ėģ Where Is The Passion for Peace? Yes, indeed - where is that passion? Today those of us who struggle for the UN norm of peace by peaceful means are often treated as dangerous or as pariahs. A brilliant, searching argument by professor Walter G. Moss who reminds us that (Western) statesmen of earlier [...]

‚ėģ ‚ėģ US supplies Israel with bombs amid Gaza blitz

Do we see a new moral principle concerning arms exports? ‚ėģ ‚ėģ US supplies Israel with bombs amid Gaza blitz - who is morally responsible for Gaza? - says Al-Jazeera Two points here: 1) While Obama calls for immediate ceasefire, Pentagon keeps assisting Israel in killing even more civilians. Spineless? Absurd? Cruel? Immoral? You name it. [...]

‚ėģ ‚ėģ And President Obama wants peace!

‚ėģ ‚ėģ And President Obama wants peace? - See him in this video and read the facts from CNN. In terms of total money received, Israel is the largest cumulative recipient of military assistance from the US since World War II. Between 2002 and 2011 Israel got $30 billion of US foreign aid of which nearly [...]