Iran’s foreign minister is right about weapons preventing peace

August 22, 2019 Dr. Javad Zarif, Iran's foreign minister, yesterday spoke at SIPRI - the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute. (At the moment of writing nothing comes up on its homepage when searching his name). I was asked by Iran's PressTV to comment on a couple of selected points made by Zarif - which I…

President Trump moves towards war on Iran

With his speech today - half an hour ago - U.S. President Trump has taken a huge step into uncharted territories. (Here on video). One that implies a 60-75% risk of leading to a US attack on Iran. Behind him stands the hardline militarists whom he has himself appointed. 
 Secondly, neo-conservative individuals and think tanks…

Good: EU will honour the deal with Iran

Happy to speak positively about the EU foreign policy chief's commitment to stand by the nuclear deal with Iran - a clear signal also to Trump. That's good - the alternative could very well be war.

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