Turkey’s coup – Another example of the West’s disintegration

Here is my take on the July 15 coup in Turkey - why it happened the way it did and what is the least unlikely hypothesis - followed by some examples of regional and international consequences this coup is bound to have. And it ends: NATO comes across as a very tired alliance that should [...]

Tyrkiet viser, hvordan de vestlige landes verden er i opbrud

22. juli 2016, publiceret i R√¶son NATO er en gennemtr√¶t alliance. Og den konfliktfyldte fremtid for den store allierede Tyrkiet √łger problemerne b√•de for NATO og EU, n√•r det g√¶lder flygtningene og krigen mod IS. Kommentar af Jan √ėberg Kuppet i Tyrkiet er noget af en g√•de, en begivenhed fuld af paradokser. Det vil have [...]

The Western moral decay

The Western moral decay

The World Humanitarian Summit held in Istanbul, May 23-24, 2016 failed to achieve its fund-raising goals. No one from the richest countries - except Angela Merkel - or of the UN Security Council attended - writes eminent observer Baher Kamal for InterPress Service, IPS. The richest and most powerful, the most militarized and the most [...]