US ambassador to Sweden: Join NATO

This is how pressure is put on other countries and a rare glimpse by media into processes presumably meant to be semi-official and basically hidden to the public. And of course, it is up to sovereign Sweden to decide what to do – but, however, not joining NATO will have a price. See below the ambassador’s formulation and hint at Ukraine’s situation. The truth is that Sweden doesn’t need to join because it is strategically important enough where it is. Added February 18, 2016: And this is why the host nation support agreement between Sweden and NATO is so important. And should be refused mainly through broad popular debate and democratic pressure on the government. Here is a first a Google translation of the article in Svenska Dagbladet, April 28, 2014 – followed by the original text in Swedish: Monday April 28, 2014, Svenska Dagbladet ”Sweden should join NATO “ If Russia threatens Sweden , we can not count on any help from NATO or the United States. Should Sweden be defended , we should join NATO . In the midst of the Ukraine crisis , the U.S. has given this clear message to all Swedish parliamentary parties . Today there are only a realistic security actor in Europe who can provide you with a guarantee of security, says U.S. Stockholm Ambassador Mark Brzezinski in his arguments for Swedish NATO membership . PHOTOS: Jonas Ekströmer / TT April 27, 2014 […]

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