Yet another attack by Zionists on academic freedom

Medialens tells us that the Zionist lobby does it again! Are we surprised?Oh yes, when was it last all Western leaders praised freedom of expression by walking through Paris? Will even one of them now stand up and demand that this conference be held anyhow? What is it the West's academic community boats about in [...]

Gaza chamber? Zionism must be replaced

Israeli bombs kill 100 Gazans in single day - Al Jazeera English Israel's leaders seem determined to turn Gaza into what one could call a Gaza chamber. While Israel's leaders believe they destroy the Palestinian state and people, we are also seeing the possible self-destruction of Israel. When everybody - presumably including the U.S./NATO and the [...]

Israel launches Gaza ground attack

‚Ėļ ‚Ėļ BREAKING - Israel launches Gaza ground attack 22 hours ago I wrote as a comment on Israel's idea to have a new ceasefire.My point b) turned out - tragically - to be true: ‚ėģ ‚ėģ Israel to temporarily halt fire in Gaza StripHmmmm - this comes after Netanyahu said Israel would bow [...]