Gaza chamber? Zionism must be replaced

Israeli bombs kill 100 Gazans in single day – Al Jazeera English

Israel’s leaders seem determined to turn Gaza into what one could call a Gaza chamber.

While Israel’s leaders believe they destroy the Palestinian state and people, we are also seeing the possible self-destruction of Israel.

When everybody – presumably including the U.S./NATO and the EU – have abandoned Israel as a friend and ally, it may either become an extremely dangerous actor or simply fall apart.

The only Palestine-Israel that can survive in my view is a democratic state with equal rights for all, not a Jewish state, not a Zionist state.

Concluding question: How do we help Israel to recognise the end vision and co-operate on an alternative – becoming one partner in a larger Middle Eastern community?

Interesting too?  Israel n√¶gter Richard Falk visum: Atter en j√łdisk fundamentalistisk skruestik p√• den intellektuelle frihed


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