Russian Attacks Change Europe’s Security Landscape – Oh, really, General Dempsey?

☮ ☮ The highest military commander in the US, Dempsey: Russian Attacks Change Europe’s Security Landscape  –  My comment today to Iran’s PressTV.

This is alarming in the sense that Dempsey’s statements are extremely bellicose. His arguments are thin and imprecise. But it seems that the U.S. has now recognised that it won’t get Ukraine into NATO that easily and, so, instead must find pretexts to get into Ukraine – by “helping” Ukraine to militarize. That pretext of course is that Russia is back to Stalin, very dangerous for us and is the cause of nationalism in parts of Europe…
In my view, we are now seeing the consequences of the triumphalist policies of NATO since 1989. His denounciation of using military power inside a sovereign state – as if the US/NATO never did that – would be amusing if it wasn’t so blatantly exceptionalist of the misdeeds of the U.S. and its allies.

Press TV news program
Press TV news program

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