The third photo story from the days of the liberation of Aleppo in Syria

Unique photos with text from Aleppo’s Jibrin reception center for people finally liberated in Eastern Aleppo December 11-12, 2016.

Documentation of the fact that it was the Syrian authorities, the Syrian Army, Russian doctors, the Syrian Red Crescent and volunteering Syrian youth who took care of these destitute internally displaced people.

In short, the evil guys – the only ones at that – according to most Western media.

University volunteer and soldier hand out bread © Jan Oberg 2016

No Western humanitarian organisations were seen, neither any leading Western media.

The media have also conveniently stopped writing about Aleppo – beyond doubt a world historic event – and ignored the suffering of the innocent, non-armed victims in this crisis: the largest humanitarian crisis in the world since 1945.

The last article about Aleppo in New York Times is from December 19, about 7-year old Twitter-girl Bana and written by a marketing expert. The level can hardly get lower.

The story of Aleppo cannot be silenced.

TFF’s first two photo reports have already been seen by close to 50.000 people. There are many other eyewitness reports – all on social media, de facto barred from the mainstream media.

The attempt to ignore the historical turning point that Aleppo is and to silence on-the-ground reports will fail.

A larger truth is emerging. The moral and political failure of Western and allies’ policy since 2012 makes the story of Aleppo just too embarrassing, something neither politicians nor governments nor media want to be reminded of.

But 13 million Syrians who are in need of humanitarian help – thanks to non-UN sanctions since 1979 and the war – need a more truthful story.

And they need the world’s attention and help – to all of them and not to the politically chosen few.


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  1. Dear Jan Oberg,

    Sorry for my bad English. We receive your newsletter and photos about Liberation of Alep, and we want to diffuse and publish the more posible. Have we your authorization?

    I present us: Comité de Surveillance Otan – Belgique. We are a part of Peace Movment in Belgium CNAPD = Coordination Nationale d’Action pour la Paix et la Démocratie). We are fighting hardly against many many bad positions in general in the Peace Movment, and particularly, in relationship with Syria. We are agreed with your points of view and defend the same political positions here in Belgium.

    I send to you the last bulletin Alerte Otan n°62.

    Thank you for your quick answer.

    Fraternally yours,

    Claudine Pôlet

  2. Dear Claudine
    You are very welcome to make a link to these four stories, one by one or to them all at:
    You are welcome also to use the text, quote or re-print in full. If you want, however, to use any of the photos, please ask me first. I can give you one free of charge that you can choose – but is more than one I shall have to ask you to pay for them. They are unique and I use my photos to also help finance the next trips. To Syria.
    Many thanks for your interest and also thanks for respecting the copyright in these stories – many nowadays just steal such photos. I’m grateful you have higher moral standards.
    And my best for your important peace work! – Jan

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