It’s our wars, stupid!
A short interview on Russia Today about Europe’s woefully inadequate understanding of why refugees come here.
Towards a solution: Deal with conflicts early and by peaceful means, criminalise arms trade and abolish war and you’ve solved most of the world’s refugee problems!
Interview on YouTube with RT International (700 million viewers worldwide and to be broadcast repeatedly on April 20, 2015).

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  1. With shared astonishment that people are describing the migrant issue as if this “migration” is a natural occurrence on Earth, greatly under-emphasising the obvious fact that these people have become desperate for their personal safety and forced, with no other option, to flee from the homes they love. Instead, maddeningly, in these tragic instances “people just looking for better-paying jobs, better schools for their children, etc.”, not acknowledging that the people are running for their lives from war hell. Using the word “migration” to describe movements of people here is morally unacceptable, for it greatly misses the mark. All focus and effort must go toward, first, admitting that war is the absolute source of the problem, and that the societal effects of war and violence will persist until war itself becomes defeated. These tragedies are not the result of people “migrating” – the correct, absolutely accurate descriptive term is the hell of war.

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