Why the Kim-Trump Summit was a – predictable – fiasco

February 28, 2019 Peace can never be achieved this way a) The issue is about peace, not only nuclear weapons. The US has not been willing to sign a peace agreement after all these years. After some kind of peace process and treaty has been achieved, you can turn to the specific issue of nuclear…

Readying B-52 bombers – for what?

Here is the background article. Funnily, or perhaps not so strange, there is some denial of this story too. Perhaps it wasn't intended that it should end up in the public domain? And here my comments to this ill-considered escalation.

Anders Samuelsen og Nordkorea

Udenrigsminister Anders Samuelsen er langt dygtigere i rollen som USAs udenrigsambassadør end som dansk udenrigsminister. Citaterne i denne artikel vidner om omfattende uvidenhed om Nordkorea, historien om Nord og Syd, Ikkespredningsaftalen, konfliktløsning - herunder diplomatisk samtale - og atomvåben. Mødet kan kun have bidraget til at cementere Nordkoreas oplevelse af at være trængt og få…

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