See this 24 min documentary on Al-Jazeera. Here is an example of what it tells you:
“Like 10,500 other French Muslims, Halim has a “Fiche S”, or S-Card, attached to his police record. This designates him as a person “representing a threat to the security of the state”.
I wonder what long-term consequences this sort of thing will have? Hardly any good ones, I predict.
The War On Terror has been wrong-headed now for 15 years. And no Western leader is willing – or able – to re-evaluate this self-defeating, predictable fiasco: Only creating more hatred and more terror.
About 400 died annually up to 9/11 2001 in international terrorist attacks. Today it is way over 30.000, the majority in the Middle East.
State terror is potentially much more dangerous than private group terror. Counter-hatred, counter-violence and blind revenge is not the way!
As Gandhi wisely said: the principle of an eye for an eye will one day make the whole world blind.
And we end up in the police state without democracy – exactly as the terrorists wants to prove: How thin is the layer of democracy, freedom, brotherhood and all that in the Western world.
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