The EU and NATO lie: Gorbachev was promised that NATO would not expand “one inch.”

Jan Oberg

October 19, 2022

You should ask yourself, ask friends, others and decision-makers in the West why the type of important news and conversations like the one I have here – including on nuclear abolition – is possible on Russia’s RT (and explicitly appreciated, watch the end) but not possible in the Western mainstream media.

Interestingly, the conversation develops into the issue of the risks of nuclear war and why – I argue strongly – nuclear weapons must be abolished and that the nuclear weapons powers implicitly adhere – all of them – to a philosophy of terrorism. Remember how it was once called the balance of terror – a word that disappeared from the nuclear discourse after September 11, 2001.

There are many definitions of terrorism, but one essential element in them all is that terrorism is about deliberately harming or killing civilians, targeting innocent people and not military forces, to achieve a political goal.

And may I point your attention in the direction of the report I wrote during the summer of 2022, The TFF Abolish NATO Catalogue, in which Chapter 14 delivers all the factual documentation for the promises and also shows that both NATO – “Setting the Records Straight” – and the EU – Myth # 4 here – lie to you on their homepages when – deliberately – they tell you that Mikhael Gorbachev was never given such promises.

When it comes to NATO S-G Jens Stoltenberg’s bizarre statement on October 11 that NATO is not a party to the conflict that is playing out in Ukraine, please see the context below the video.

RT News – October 13 2022 (20:00 MSK)

Jens Stoltenberg says:

“President Putin is failing in Ukraine.
His attempted annexations, partial mobilisation, and reckless nuclear rhetoric represent the most significant escalation since the start of the war.

And they show that this war is not going as planned.

NATO is not party to the conflict.
But our support is playing a key role.
Allies remain united in their support for Ukraine’s sovereignty and self-defence.

Ukraine’s Defence Minister, Oleksii Reznikov, will join us tomorrow.
Both for the US-led Contact Group for Ukraine and for a dinner with NATO Ministers.
Together, we will address Ukraine’s urgent needs.

I welcome the recent announcements by Allies to provide more advanced air defence systems and other capabilities to Ukraine.
And I look forward to further deliveries.

Our message is clear.
NATO stands with Ukraine.
For as long as it takes.

President Putin started this war.
He must end it.
By withdrawing his forces from Ukraine.”

Further down and into the press conference, Stoltenberg – hilariously – reveals that NATO is very much party to the conflict:
“Because if Putin wins, that is not only a big defeat for Ukrainians, but it will be a defeat and dangerous for all of us, because it will make the world more dangerous and it will make us more vulnerable for further Russian aggression.”

Pre-ministerial press conference by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg ahead of the meetings of NATO Defence Ministers, 11 Oct. 2022 – Last updated: 11 Oct. 2022 17:20.

The book I show in the video is Mary E. Sarotte’s Not One Inch, 2021, which you can read here.

Unlike our mainstream adversaries, warmongering propagandists and other destructive forces, TFF has no source of state, corporate or institutional finance whatsoever. Such are the conditions for truly independent peace research in these times. Everything peace has been cancelled. But we are still here – and will be.
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