Håkan Wiberg could have turned 80 today

Håkan Wiberg (1942 – 2010) could have turned 80 years today.

One of my two mentors in peace and conflict research, a walking encyclopaedia, a pioneer in Nordic peace research from the 1960s and to the closing down of the Copenhagen Peace Research Institute, COPRI – of which he was the eminent director for years – by lesser, militarist minds.

An amazing, unshakeable friend over 30 years without whom I would never have been where I am today. And he travelled with TFF as both a board member and Associate from 1986 to his death in 2010.

Håkan Wiberg 2004 © Jan Oberg

I’ve created this homepage for him because of his extraordinary academic status in peace and conflict research and because such intellectuals must be remembered as measuring rods when one experiences the comparative intellectual poverty of those who conduct security research and policy today and can hardly spell the word ‘peace.’

Browse it, sense the scholarship and vast grasp on global issues in the bibliography over more than 50 years and get an impression of this man’s equally vast heart.

My gratitude forever!

Always grateful for your recognition of my free thoughts and writings. It’s easy, fast and secure. Thanks!

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