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Lund, Sweden – August 7, 2020

As we all know … peace is out, the discourse is gone.

Governments need no peace expertise. Media don’t know what a peace perspective would be. Funding structures have made peace and conflict studies close down or go mainstream. The military have become experts and advocates of peace: Wars are for peace, stupid!

As we all know.

International law can be violated repeatedly by the strong, arrogant and – well, exceptional.

And the UN and its Charter? Realpolitik couldn’t care less about it.

The world simply doesn’t need anything peace. Who would, moving so fast towards (self)destruction through perverse priorities: US $ 2000 billion for the weapons addiction, 30 times more than all the UN?

And, of course, no face masks available when needed. No human security.

As we all know now.

And we’re visionless too: When did you last see a book or movie exploring a future world in which humanity lives just a little more peacefully? Learn about a government with a long-term, constructive plan for society?

To put it crudely: Peace illiteracy and its cult of ignorance rules.

Unfortunately, societies that ignore peace and militarize ad absurdum are bound to fall.

Interesting too?  Safe zones in Syria – very problematic

That’s why, at TFF, we feel obliged to keep saying the word ‘peace’…

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