Do you know that 6 countries in today’s Europe have 480 nuclear weapons (beyond France)?

Do you know that 6 countries in today’s Europe have 480 nuclear weapons (beyond France) and that Germany is the largest with 150 of them? The are all United States weapons stored here through secret arrangements.

This report is written by Hans Kristensen, a Dane who has studied nuclear weapons since the 1980s and is an indisputable world authority. His report is 9 years old.

How many people know about this? Why is it not discussed? Why are these weapons obviously not all safe?

And in these Ukraine days: How could we imagine what Russia thinks about these nukes?

You may jump the technical details in the middle of this analysis but do go to the last parts where the strategic nonsense that NATO builds upon is torn apart.

These are the countries that tell Iran not to get nuclear weapons – and let Israel have 200+ !

These 6 states (not including France) have more (American) nuclear power than the entire Chinese arsenal – and we are told that China is an emerging threat too.

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