President Trump moves towards war on Iran

With his speech today – half an hour ago – U.S. President Trump has taken a huge step into uncharted territories. (Here on video). 
 One that implies a 60-75% risk of leading to a US attack on Iran. 
 Behind him stands the hardline militarists whom he has himself appointed. 
 Secondly, neo-conservative individuals and think tanks who have brought the world only a series of failed wars and unspeakable human misery since the invasion of Afghanistan. 
 Third, the Military-Industrial-Media-Academic Complex, MIMAC, that is outside real democratic control and pushes relentlessly for ever-increasing armament and wars and serves the public all kinds of weird, fake images of what threatens the US.  
 Further, pro-Israeli and pro-Saudi lobby organisations and extremely wealthy individuals who buy political influence and thereby destroy the very foundations of democracy and free opinion formation.
 Against these numerically tiny elites stand virtually the rest of the world, including NATO allies and the EU.

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