Operation Atlantic Resolve – Europeans wake up!

Operation Atlantic Resolve Look at the map on this link with all NATO’s military “events” around Russia, planned from the Baltic Republics to Georgia – exactly what President Clinton started out on in 1993. Aren’t we grateful for the U.S. commitment to security in Europe? NO! This is uniquely stupid if you believe, really believe, that there is no military solution. You do this and you do sanctions but you do nothing for a negotiated solution – except Chancellor Merkel and – perhaps – President Holland who must feel pissed at this US policy. This is what happens when intellectual dwarfs sit inside a box with unlimited weaponry paid for by tax payers. When will these taxpayers wake up and shout: NOT in our name! And where are the free media – free only to tell you what Russia does but not what their own countries do = freedom of deception. If NATO is an alliance of democracies, let’s create a democratic “critical mass” and conduct a revolution for the UN norm of “peace by peaceful means” – because this type of stoneage policies could very well get out of hand and lead to a larger war in Europe.

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