Comments on the Russian withdrawal from Syria

Today I was asked to comment before and after the solemn ceremony speech in Moscow by President Putin. Here we go:

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  1. Dear Jan Oberg

    Thanks for your strong and encouraging words in support of our President and his strong effort against terrorism!!

  2. Jan,

    I’m not sure what to make of the interview. You come across as actually supporting the Russian intervention. At least in the last minutes of the video. Did you get sidetracked by the interviewer, or is it indeed your real opinion?

    Kind regards/Peter

  3. Hi Peter – thanks. I hope I come across as a person who is not a military exprt (which I say in the opening statement), a person who is against all violence – even recognised by the interviewer in a small sentence – and as a person who supports every country that stops bombing and killing. And IF you think I support Russia’s decision to intervene, OK with me – it was there for about 5 months, NATO countries has been destroying the place for 5 years before Russia came and are still there – and now paying Turkey to pay for what it will not take responsibility for. So in a world where even the bad things are relative – Russia has done it better than the West. NOT because it intervened but because it got out.

  4. While you are at it Jan Oberg, isn’t it time – after all this Putin-brown-nosning – to to start screaming that the Terrorist attacks in Brussels is all NATO/US’s fault? I’m surprised you haven’t done this already. Is you auto-pilot on sleep mode?

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