NATO wastes our taxmoney and makes us all less secure

Jan Oberg comments on NATO’s – huge and risky – military exercises right now.

“Let them crowdfund for their games instead of squandering taxpayers’ money to make us all less secure and risk a military exchange.” And “These people have so much money and so much power outside democratic control that they don’t even have to think anymore!”


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3 thoughts on “NATO wastes our taxmoney and makes us all less secure

  1. Our so-called leaders don’t even consider the same dehumanizing aspects of war the way you and I do. The cynical rationale that’s built-in to their neoliberal globalist mindset leads them to conclude that war is nothing other than an inevitability; therefore, the thinking goes, just like any other “resource,” it is to be exploited… for gain. These are human beings with an almost negligible capacity for empathy or deep moral reflection.

  2. Dear James – I quite agree. As you’d expected… However, I also think there is an element of ignorance: these leaders don’t have any education or experience in using any other means, don’t see alternatives and suffer from “group think”. It’s a dangerous cocktail! – Jan

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