Why must EU’s von der Leyen lecture China?

Ursula von der Leyen writes on Linkedin that the EU and China had a frank exchange and then she pours out that China should do this and that and the third. And that “China’s reputation is at stake.”

One more example of this Western disease of lecturing others instead of dialoguing and listening.

I thought it was an excellent opportunity to dialogue directly with the EU Commission President – and indeed criticise her whole approach. Modern social media give us such an opportunity. While she will hardly sit there on her sofa at home and read them all, she does have people who monitor what comments she receives and how she “performs.” While I scrolled down there on Linkedin, it seemed to me to be basically critical except for those who just said that China could and should never be trusted.

You may see it here on Linkedin.

If you cannot access it, here is what von der Leyen wrote:

“We had an open and frank exchange today at the EU-China summit.
There must be respect for international law and Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. China, as a Permanent member of the UN Security Council, has a special responsibility.

China’s reputation is at stake.

This is about trust, reliability and decisions on long-term investments.
Every day EU-China trade amounts to €2 billion.
Russia-China trade, €330 million.

A prolongation of the war and more disruption to the world economy is in no-one’s interest.

We continue to cooperate constructively on climate. We want to build on this to prepare for #COP27. The high prices of fossil fuels should encourage us to move towards renewables and decarbonisation.

We can also cooperate in the fight against #COVID19. The EU is the world’s frontrunner when it comes to providing vaccines to the world.
We have exported over 2 billion doses.
China, 1.2 billion.

We are willing to share our expertise on widespread vaccination with mRNA.
Read my full press statement here: https://europa.eu/!NRXTCV

And here is my comment to her:

“Dear Madam,
Did it ever occur to you that the EU could – potentially – run its own independent foreign policy, not the least vis-a-vis China?

And did it ever occur to you that the West, including the EU, that has been divided on all important issues – e.g. Iraq, refugees 2015, Iran, finance policies, Covid, military expenditures and EU-NATO overlap/confusion – has finally come together in an emotional, tit-for-tat, knee-jerk reaction hate of everything and everybody Russian?

That for years, the West promotes only negative energy – condemnations, threats, sanctions, demonisation, etc. – but is woefully unable to stand united with a constructive vision that meets humanity’s hopes for peace, development, sustainability and cooperation about these things?

And did it occur to you, Madam, that EU countries that are also NATO countries, by their extremely unwise NATO expansion in contempt for all promises given to Gorbachev, created the single most important policy reason that Europe is at war again?

If one or more of these things did occur to you – rather than relentless self-righteousness – why then do you write the way you do?

I believe the EU is on the wrongest of paths in its reaction to Russia’s illegal invasion.”

Linkedin does not permit comments over a certain length. So I had to delete this last paragraph:

“Russia is responsible for that totally unacceptable war. But the EU/NATO is responsible for its reaction to it. You may try to “cancel” Russia and destroy it – together with the US and NATO – but it will only turn its back on Europe.

The consequences of the EU’s reaction to the invasion will be extremely negative for the EU itself and take generations to repair. If at all possible.”

You may like to now read my March 30 column in China’s very important Global Times, “The NATO-Russia Conflict in Ukraine Prevents Progress at the China-EU Summit.”


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