The Global Conversion Campaign – Statement from The Transnational Foundation

On December 10 – which marks both the Nobel Peace Prize and Human Rights Day – the Transnational Foundation launched a campaign – perhaps unusual for a research outfit think tank rather than a movement. But we feel this is so urgent!

Its main thrust is easy to grasp – indeed common sense. We argue that all countries in the world should – ASAP – reduce their military expenditures by 50%. That would release about US$ 1 000 000 000 000 – or 1000 – billion. Yes, that much! Per year!

And this sum should be re-allocated to solve humanity’s real problems – poverty, the environment, diseases, food, etc. so we could reach the UN Sustainability goals before it is too late.

We have almost 400 endorsers already – people who are Associates of the foundation as well as friends of it.

I shall be eternally grateful to you if you head over here, read and SIGN this statement.

There are far too few now. We need every single voice from around the world. And when you are there, please share the link.

Many thanks!

Please make a donation to help TFF and me reach more people

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