Podcast – Oberg, peace and the media

The Global Press Coalition for Peace, GPCP, in Washington kindly turned to me and asked me to speak with them for a longer podcast. GPCP is a rather young but very innovative civil society organization that focuses on how the media deal with conflicts, war and peace – and how it can be done better.

I warmly recommend that you visit and look around. Their focus is so very important.

I was very grateful for being given this opportunity since its podcasts seem to have a rather wide audience in the United States in particular. The conversation was initiated and the podcast recorded by Regan Durkin and the whole thing was a very pleasant experience. Here is how she has introduced me on their homepage:

“Join us as we discuss with Dr. Jan Oberg, Founder of The Transnational Foundation for Peace & Future Research, diving into the history of how the world has shifted away from considering peace as an option when dealing with both national and international relations. Throughout his career, he has become an internationally respected peace researcher, mediator, and peace commentator as well as an art photographer. Dr. Oberg goes above and beyond by spending time on-the-ground in conflict-zones to understand the perspective of the people. Tune in to hear more about his stories and insights from these rich, peace-seeking experiences.”

And now, listen to this conversation.

Interesting too?  Syrien - hvad kunne være gjort og hvad kan stadig gøres?


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