Do US media provoke post-election chaos for Biden who also offers no hope?

Yesterday I wrote a longer analysis of the election process in the United States for my foundation’s homepage, The Transnational. I do not think this process is worthy of a democracy. But, sadly, the media decision has become “the result” and all of European politicians and media have followed suit – as they can’t wait to see Trump out of the White House and getting back to what they believe will be ‘normal US again’.

But there will be no going back to an Obama-like US.

My focus is on the – strange – intervention by the CNN-led media flock to take it upon them to announce who has won and that Biden will be the next president of the United States.

I deal with these questions and offer my readers a lot of informative links:

If Biden has, in fact, received so many more votes, why is the CNN-led media flock in such a hurry to declare him the winner? Is it the media’s job to decide the winner in a democracy?

How will Trump and his sympathisers, about half of the people, react to what they must see as a provocation?

Why is Biden also offering no hope for the US itself and the world?

How to explain this utterly strange happening and where will the US be in January 2021 – three scenarios?

I fear we are going to see some nasty and tragic things happening in the US society the next weeks and months and that a smooth transition in January 2020 to Biden is the least likely scenario.

Interesting too?  USAs indblanding i dansk demokratisk debat

I also think you should be fully aware who Biden is in terms of foreign policy standpoints. There is nothing to hope for, in my view and as I argue based on his factual record, for the US’s future or for the rest of the world.

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The front pages of CNN – known to be the Democrats preferred news site
– illustrate well in both text and photos how polarized and polarizing the media have become


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