Of course, they deceive you

Because of ignorance, lack of honouring basic journalistic standards and political correctness vis-a-vis owners and governments.

February 23, 2019

Of course, the freedom of the free Western mainstream media means the freedom to deceive, use fake and omission as much as they like.

Here is a well-informed article by Marc Cook in the media-analytical, critical FAIR – Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting in New York – about how it is done these days concerning Venezuela.

I can testify the same for Yugoslavia at the time, Iraq, Iran, Syria – but the difference today is that back in time, some professionally decent media did make interviews with those of us who knew a few things and also went to places. They honoured diversity as good media and public education should.

Today, never!

The decay of the media – omission being much more important than fake – and the spreading of politically correct amateurism is a major cause underlying the deep crisis of liberal, Western democracy.

The West no longer has anything to teach the rest of the world. Far the majority of media deception takes place today in the US/NATO/EU world; also in this respect, Russia, China, Iran, etc. are dwarfed.

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  1. It’s very true, the media is controlled by oligarchs with an agenda. This fact concerning media does not negate the other facts, one of which is socialism is and has been a complete failure. If socialism was a success they would build walls to keep people out. They build walls and use propaganda to keep people in, when you live under socialism. People run to escape socialism everywhere it exists. Socialism does not feed people, it does not cure disease, it develops no technology, the only this socialism does is create “bread lines”, poverty, corruption, escape

    • Hello Sam,

      The challenge has for decades been finding the best economic model for integrating and/or balancing the positive features of capitalist and socialist (or other) scientific thought. Too many people view political ideology in black and white terms, meaning either nations go 100% capitalist or 100% socialist economy, but there is more economic thought to evolve before overcoming such an extremely shallow, limited, division-creating and impotent way of perceiving.

      Such a rigid worldview effectively acts as an intellectual brick wall stopping better possible solutions from emergence; in other words refinement or maturation of political economy thought leading to more health and well-being for the greatest number.

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