Pre-positioning heavy material in Eastern Europe – no thanks!

This is not helpful if it is peace you want…

Interesting too?  Samtale om mulighederne for fred i Ukraine


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  1. It is both extremely frustrating and disappointing that much more intense efforts to resolve tensions in Europe have not materialized. Such efforts include easily organized in-person or video-conferenced lengthy discussions among mature concerned men and women from the United States, Ukraine, Russia, Sweden and any region on Earth where such individuals reside. All fields – politics, academia, business, religion, military, etc. – and philosophical stances should be contacted to participate, with the goal of creating peace. The situation seems to negatively intensify absent correspondingly powerful debate creating clear roadmaps to reverse the trend, and movement in the positive, peace-building direction. The American Committee for East-West Accord is one organization whose goal is just that.


    What is not being discussed, and which must enter all discussions to maximize the possibility of good outcomes, are the real causes of tension. The world has witnessed rapid change from unipolarity to multipolarity, bringing along both good and bad consequences. The main source of tension is BRICS nations’ creation of international financial institutions. For the first time the IMF, World Bank and other large banks – which were previously the only option for developing nations – now have “competition”, serious competition. Just as families facing problems must acknowledge the real causes for their problems, the human family must face the truth of what is generating wars and violence as well. Families which fail to admit and acknowledge the source of their difficulties are dysfunctional and practice dangerous denial. The phenomenon applies absolutely, without a doubt for humanity, the human family, only on the largest scale possible.

  2. Many thanks, dear Jerry – also for your many other good comments to my articles. Really appreciated! – Best, Jan

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