The daily dropping Sinophobia

Racism and psycho-political projection

Look at it closely.

China is destructive, hammering, in old Maoist – Communist – uniform, angry face, big boots.

To make the lie perfect, it is destroying WeChat and TikTok itself.

But who is it that tries to destroy Huawei, WeChat, TikTok?

And the bottom is yellow – the Yellow Peril!

Be aware that you are the object of unintelligent propaganda 24/7 ordered by kakistocrats who spend millions on just that.

Once upon a time, The Economist was decent.

PS If you want to learn about the much larger picture that this is part of, read Behind the Smokescreen report, particularly Chapter 11. Here the Facebook debate about it.

Interesting too?  DR har ikke, som lovet, svaret i et √•r - men s√• kom der et svar

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