☮ ☮ TFF PressInfo # 21 of March 11, 1997

“Greater NATO, Why?” Some people do not understand why the crisis and war in Ukraine is the result of a long long process of counterproductive, foolish NATO expansion decisions. Neither do they understand why I have the views on it I happen to have. Instead of decent arguments they have called me all kinds of things – being paid by Putin as one of the nicer ones. No less than 17 years ago I warned against NATO’s expansion – 3 years after Ms. Clinton’s husband had begun what is among the largest blunders of triumphalism in modern times. That is why this PressInfo ends with the prediction of “souring the relations with Russia.” And this is one among many articles I wrote at the same time, arguing also that NATO ought to close down when the Warsaw Pact and the Soviet Union had been dissolved.

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