The Clintons celebrated – but likely disastrous for the world

Hillary Rodham Clinton was nominated last night by the Democratic Party as its candidate for the U.S. Presidency. She may well win on November 8. What a tragedy for Western democracy that the leader of what is still called the free, democratic world cannot produce better candidates than Trump and Clinton through a disgustingly commercialized [...]

16 years since NATO started its war on Yugoslavia – all criminals still at large

Today - 16 years since NATO began to bomb Serbia and did so mercilessly for 78 days to carve out Kosovo as an independent state - still today a failed one.Remember that when you talk about Crimea today.Here is a link to "Yugoslavia - What Should Have Been Done?" - probably the world's most comprehensive [...]

Kosovo – the West’s predictable fiasco

Baffling Kosovo mass exodus exposes domestic hardships - Al Jazeera5% of the people have left, 100,000 this year.Funny how in the 1990s the only problems were Serbs and Belgrade. NATO bombed and forced Kosovo out of Yugoslavia.Billions of dollars have poured in from the world; EU, NATO etc. helped build the country. When TFF was there [...]


‚Ėļ ¬†A major event in peace and conflict research & policy studies ‚ÄĘ Three authors with 130+ man years of experience with Yugoslavia ‚ÄĘ All their writings, equivalent to 2000 A4 pages, written 1991-2014 ‚Ėļ Not a word changed: for anyone to see whose analyses and predictions stand the test of time ‚ÄĘ Freely accessible [...]

A NATO for a dangerous world – sure

 Anders Fogh Rasmussen and Philip M. Breedlove: A NATO for a Dangerous World - WSJ Here is the West's intellectual high jumpers when they are at their best. Sorry to say it, it ain't good enough. NATO is for a dangerous world. It couldn't live without finding new enemies on a permanent basis. Here they [...]

‚ėģ ‚ėģ Some people are exceptional

‚ėģ ‚ėģ Some people are exceptionalBy Jan ObergA short think piece on Gaza 2014 and the moral decay of the West.Written 12 days after Israel launched Operation Protective Edge, after Shejaiya and after 400 people on the Palestinian side have been killed.Go to the article on TFF's blog.

Genm√§le om Richard Swartz’s “bokslut” √∂ver Balkan-krigen

Kulturskribent Sören Sommelius och jag skrev genmälet nedan omedelbart efter att Swartz' hade publicerats. Dagen Nyheter tog dock inte in texten.Da danske Information også trykte Swartz' temmeligt forenklede "status" synes jeg at den i det mindste skal stå hér. Lund, 24:e juli 2011Richard Swartz gjorde ett slags Bokslut på Balkan (DN 23/7), sedan den siste [...]

Kosovo i P1 “Horisont”

Mon DR's Horisont-programmer skal udvidde eller begr√¶nse menneskers horisont?I dette program, fortsatte Thomas Ubbesen i en samtale med Kim Bilds√łe-Lassen sin helt specielle vinkling af Kosovo som jeg tog op h√©r. Denne gang h√łrte man at Milosevic - helt uden grund - indf√łrte "apartheid-lignende" regler i Kosovo og at alle kosovo-albanere i praksis blev udelukket [...]

Kosovo i TVs “Horisont”

Horisont k√łrte i aften et langt indslag om Kosovo. If√łlge programmet v√©d Steffen Kretz og Thomas Ubbesen at Kosovo-provinsen blir en selvst√¶ndig stat - omend det tidligst sker den 17. februar, alts√• om 6 dage.De v√©d at det er et lille moderne "land," der er "klar til at tr√¶de ind i Europe." De ved at [...]