My interview with China’s “Global Times”

And a couple of words on my relations with the media.

Thanks to the two research reports TFF has published, both with me as co-author, some leading media in China have taken interest in our work for peace and cooperation – rather than Cold War – between China/Orient and the US/Occident.

The two reports are The Xinjiang Genocide Determination As Agenda and Behind the Smokescreen. An Analysis of The West’s Destructive China Cold War Agenda And Why It Must Stop. Although sent to thousands of predominantly Western media, not one has responded, reported on it or given us a call for more info.

Global Times is published under the auspices of the Chinese Communist Party‘s flagship People’s Daily newspaper that reports and debates domestic as well as international issues.

But I should warn you that it is a very bad, if not dangerous, outlet for propaganda, promotion of Chinese policies and much else that NATO/EU governments and media love to hate. Although you cannot compare directly, it is probably less of a propaganda media for China than CNN or Fox News is for the US. Well, just read Wikipedia’s entry on Global Times and you’ll understand that it is an important online media 🤗 – so important even that the US considers it a “foreign mission.”

So, Global Times asked me to accept being interviewed by them. I immediately said yes and they sent me a series of questions; we discussed them and I asked to change a couple of them a bit which GT accepted and then I wrote my answers back, all of it by e-mail.

I have a 9-point policy for working with any media and if after the first time, any of them are deliberately violated, I won’t work with them again. Simple as that. And that’s why there are a number of (Western) media I do not work with any longer because they have violated one or more of these principles (particularly media in Denmark where I happen to be born long ago).

I am probably considered “difficult” because – contrary to many – I am not actively seeking to be on the media. Frankly, I see myself doing media a favour when I share my 40+ years of peace and conflict experience free of charge – while many media seem to think that those they approach should feel honoured and grateful for being given an opportunity to boost their “branding.”

I’m glad to report to you that all the Chinese media I’ve worked with have behaved very correctly, not twisted my words, cut things out or attempted to frame me.

Now, you may of course say that that is explained by me being rather critical of aspects of US/NATO countries’ foreign and security policies but positive, curious or whatever about China’s policies and development path. I’ve never understood that argument – because:

If I were an editor, I would treat those with a “controversial” or knowledge-based critical attitude with exactly the same respect as those who behaved more like my own media’s like-minded or advocates. Editorial standards and professional journalism should never vary according to someone’s opinion. Further, it is – should be – appreciated that someone is ready to create debate or dialogue and, thereby, make media and public education more diverse and educative, indeed more democratic.

I am aware that such a way of reasoning does not appeal to those who believe that there is only one truth – and that that truth is their truth.

So, since most of my readers here probably do not read Global Times, I thought I would let you know about it and do browse Global Times and its various sections when you are anyhow there:

Global Times, Beijing, October 18, 2021
Interview Part 1: How does Western ‘accusation industry’ operate against China?

Global Times, Beijing, November 16, 2021
Interview Part 2: West should learn about China with an open mind before making judgments

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